A downloadable game for Windows

This is my first game- an endless runner- made as a college project.  


Space = Jump

Esc = Pause game

If you have time, please complete this  feedback form, I would really appreciate it :D

Thank you for all the feedback so far!

Game version 1.1 update:

  • Fixed lag problem to do with pickups.
  • Score now counts by distance .
  • Updated platform colliders on top platforms.
  • Options menu added. 
  • Infinite jumping fixed.
  • Functioning pause menu.
  • Updated player sprite + added jump animation.
  • Parallax background disabled in this version.
  • Added enemy spawners, sprites are a work in progress. 

Updated 12 days ago
Published 16 days ago
StatusIn development

Install instructions

Download the compressed file. Extract it and run Ao-chan saves the world.exe


Ao-chan saves the worldv1.1.zip 24 MB

Development log


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Someone requested me to make another part when there's an update. There's an update so I make one. But I'm kind of confused, should I do this every updates or wait for major update? Ao-Chan have jump animation now, which is a delight to see. But the major problem that still exist now is that it is hard to dodge the mini alien or jump from gap, which makes it almost impossible to go far.


banging game m8, 10/10


Still needs a lot of things to be added in order for a proper assessment of the game to be made, but I'm loving it for now. I really didn't expect that she can fly, i'm laughing too much.

The menu is the most immaculate thing I have never seen I have never seen such a greater incentive to play this game. It has one of the most appealing artstyles I have yet to see and is clearly made by a genius himself. But she can fly which is pretty stupid.


I laughs a lot when she's start flying, I really didn't expect that.

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The art is soooo good the ui is really simplistic but still visually appealing and the art of the characters is really good and I like how the pew pew animation for the space ship but you can fly if by repeatedly pressing the button.


REALLY good design, however the options menu needs to be made ASAP + volume control. by the way, you can fly in the game if you just spam space, i dont know if that was intentional. I feel like you should perfect the things you have in the game before you add others. The music is also really good.

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Amazing art style, this endless has one of the best art, I like the music in the game, but on start the game is extremely loud, and without the options menu I can't change the volume. I think some changes you can implement are, making so the UFO travels with your character, so if she gets stuck then it will kill her, since the score goes up with Time.deltatime if you get stuck on a platform you would get an insanely high score easily. The parallax background code needs working on also because it teleports and is not smooth. Again, Amazing art, but the code needs some working on. 



Good art and run animation. to make this game better you could add a jump animation and fix the issue where you can jump infinitely and get stuck on certain platforms.